Book review: “Dirty Genes”

“DIRTY GENES: A Breakthrough Program to Treat the Root Causes of Illness and Optimize Your Health” by Ben Lynch, ND Published by Harper One, 2018   First, I wish to take exception with the name of this book. As many

Newsletter #11 Lessons from the recent AAEM Mold Conference

NEWSLETTER #11 WHAT I LEARNED ON MY SPRING “VACATION” Lessons from the recent AAEM Mold Conference   A few weeks ago, I was privileged to be part of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine’s Mold Conference, held in Dallas, Texas.

Newsletter #10: Alzheimer’s Disease: A Breakthrough in the in Understanding and Treatment

    NEWSLETTER # 10   A BREAKTHROUGH IN THE UNDERSTANDING AND TREATMENT OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE   Dale Bredesen, MD, has recently published what can only be described as his pioneering work to understand, and more importantly, to use that

Newsletter #9 Neuroplasticity Inspiration and Hope

NEUROPLASTICITY: Inspiration & Hope           I just finished reading the wonderful new book by Dr. Norman Doidge called  “The Brain’s Way of Healing.”  It follows up his ground-breaking book  “The Brain That Changes Itself” with the latest research in the

Newsletter #8 Loneliness & Isolation

Newsletter #8 LONELINESS & ISOLATION “One is the Loneliest Number…..” Three Dog Night As I write about the epidemic of chronic illnesses that have appeared in the past few decades, I am struck by the changes in our social structures

Newsletter #7 Critical Thinking Skills

NEWSLETTER #7 CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS Essential to Diagnosis in Complex Medical Patients Ah, here’s an old fashioned phrase for you: Common Sense. It is a bit of an oxymoron that common sense is actually, not common at all, but rare.

Book Review #6 Prophyria by Steven Rochlitz, PhD

BOOK REVIEW Porphyria: The Ultimate Cause of Common, Chronic & Environmental Illnesses With Breakthroughs in Diet, Supplements and Energy Balancing by Steven Rochlitz, PhD (obtain through website: Since today’s discussion centers around porphyria, I want to credit Steven Rochlitz, PhD,

Newsletter #6: Porphyia…Another Elephant in the Room?

  With gratitude to Steven Rochlitz, PhD, for his extensive work on this subject and helping me to finally grasp the essentials.   Much of the information in this newsletter comes directly from his book which is reviewed below Porphyria

Newsletter #5: Finding the right diagnosis…a personal journey

  Least Favorite Saying: “I can feel your pain.” Favorite Saying: “I know what you have and I can fix it!”   I hope that I have never said “I feel your pain” to anyone. While it has always been

Neil’s Book Review: The Oxygen Advantage

The Oxygen Advantage  by Patrick McKeown, published by HarperCollins, (2015) This fascinating book introduces us to the concept of chronic overbreathing. Based on the work of Russian physician Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, the author reviews with us the physiology of breathing