Since the Fall of 2018, I have been providing a mentorship program for physicians and health care providers with prescriptive authority. Currently there are 4 groups of health care providers with 8-10 members in each. We meet every two months for 2 hours and review, in depth, cases provided by the members and topics on a wide variety of health care subjects that are brought up for discussion. The sessions are recorded so that members can review the information at their leisure.

The focus of this program is my hope to share what I have learned with as many health care providers as possible, so that they can continue to deliver and improve upon what we have learned about how to diagnose and treat chronic illnesses such as Mold toxicity, Lyme disease, Viral & Parasitic infections and other toxic environmental exposures, which have now become epidemic in our world.

The cost of each session is $100 for each participant and this is billed through PayPal a week prior to each session. The sessions are run through GoToMeeting and the link for each session is provided well before each session is scheduled. Sessions are usually held on either Saturday mornings from 9am-11am PST or Sundays from 1pm-3pm PST.

If you are interested in getting on our waiting list to become a part of these mentorship sessions, (currently all spots are filled) please let me know of your interest by emailing me with your background experience in this field and providing me with your personal email and phone number so that I can contact you.

You can reach me at

Thank you for your interest,