Energetic Diagnosis & Mold and Mycotoxins 2022… now available

In his new book Energetic Diagnosis, Dr Neil Nathan, renowned physician and bestselling author of TOXIC, HEAL YOUR BODY, delivers his groundbreaking thesis on diagnosing disease and chronic illness using the patient’s personal energy fields as the launchpad for treatment. 

An individual’s energy is often overlooked when treating difficult to identify disease. Dr. Nathan puts forth the premise that patient evaluation should be highly personal, beginning with a thorough analysis of events leading up to sickness, including lingering mental trauma. To do this, he urges medical professionals to use a process called Energetic Intuition—the ability to utilize pattern recognition presented by our own subconscious. In this book, Dr. Nathan details how he taps into his own intuition and learns to trust both himself and what the patient’s physical and mental state tell him.

Dr. Nathan’s personal experience and years using this methodology has helped hundreds of patients understand their ailments and a find balance that helps them achieve optimal health.

Energetic Diagnosis also features a robust detailing of how human energy is measured and perceived in a clinical setting using specific medical devices, interference fields and various autonomic response testing. Dr. Nathan invites guest doctors to detail the kinds of energy-focused treatments they use in their practices, such as A.R.T. (autonomic response testing), Kinesiology, and FSM (frequency specific microcurrents).

Dr. Nathan concludes with important energetic considerations to open and build our awareness for a total, mind, body soul experience. He reveals the importance of dreams, native healing, communication with the natural world.

Mold and Mycotoxins: Current Evaluation and Treatment 2022 by [Neil Nathan, Joseph Brewer]

Mold and Mycotoxins: Current Evaluation and Treatment 2022 Kindle Edition

by Neil Nathan (Author), Joseph Brewer (Foreword)  Format: Kindle Edition

It is estimated by some experts that mold toxicity is currently affecting, some extent, up to 10 million Americans. Most of those individuals are unaware of the existence of this condition and, unfortunately, most medical practitioners are not aware of it either. This had led to the unfortunate situation in which patients with mold toxicity (who often present with a wide array of symptoms including fatigue, cognitive impairment, anxiety, depression, shortness of breath, chronic sinus symptoms, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, headaches, muscle and joint pain, and paresthesias, amongst others) are dismissed by their physicians and families as psychogenic. This leads to incorrect diagnoses and treatments and social isolation, which becomes tragic since this condition can be treated when properly diagnosed. This new book is an update of my original e-book, published in 2016, which began the process of bringing these issues to light. With six more years of research and clinical experience, I am updating what we know about all aspects of mold toxicity to make this subject as accessible and current as possible. Since many of my patients have some degree of cognitive impairment as a part of their illness, I have attempted to make this as concise and readable as possible, so that they, and their families can get a quick overview of the subject of mold toxicity to begin to understand this illness and move forward with healing. For those who wish to delve into more detail, I encourage them to read (also available in audio for those for whom reading has become difficult) my book
“Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Environmental Illness”.
In this e-book we will discuss a little of how we began to understand mold toxicity as a common medical condition, and then go into detail about the symptoms with which it presents, how to diagnose it, and how to approach treatment. Since mold toxicity commonly triggers several other medical conditions, such as limbic dysfunction, vagal nerve dysfunction, and mast cell activation, all of which contribute to creating a patient who is exceptionally sensitive and reactive to foods, medications and chemicals, these conditions will also be discussed. It is hoped that readers will come to realize that their symptoms are very real, and that medical treatment can help to restore complete health once the diagnosis has been made.