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Release date is April 30, 2024I am really proud of this book. The insidious onset of extreme sensitivity to stimuli is no longer a rare phenomenon. Millions of Americans are currently suffering, to some degree, with their daily exposures to chemicals, light, sound, smell, touch, food and EMFs. Those unfortunate people who have developed those sensitivities have been misunderstood and forced to live increasingly isolated lives. The puzzle of sensitivity is complicated, and I am delighted that we have been able to bring 20 of the world’s experts in understanding these puzzle pieces together, to bring this information into one clear picture. It is our hope that this information will, for the first time, enable these individuals to understand why and how they have become so sensitive, and even more important, offer a path to healing so that they can recover their health, and be able to re-experience, with joy and appreciation, all of the wonderful stimuli this world has to offer. 

When I entered medical school at the University of Chicago in 1967, I did not understand that what I was about to learn about the field of medicine was going to be somewhat limited to the anatomy, biochemistry and physiology of disease. What I had hoped for was to learn how to become a healer, not just a physician. While disappointed that my education was not as comprehensive as I wanted it to be, that did not dissuade me from pursuing my dream. After graduation, and for the next 50+ years, I have devoted my life to an effort of integrating an understanding of the physical aspects of disease with the emotional, energetic and spiritual components that I now understand as the underpinning of all healing efforts.

         Eventually becoming Board Certified in Family Medicine and Pain Management (and also becoming a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and ISEAI), I continued my studies of conventional medicine. Over the years I added osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, hypnosis, homeopathy, therapeutic touch, prolotherapy, herbal and botanical remedies, Reichian therapy, along with a wide variety of new medical devices to my “tool bag.”  With each field of study, I was able to help a few more patients who had gotten “stuck” on their healing path, enabling them to move forward and to get well. I can look back over these 50 years of direct patient care with some degree of satisfaction that although I was unable to help every single patient (my goal), I was able to help the vast majority get well.

         During the last 10 years of my practice, it has become increasingly clear to me that I could help far more patients by expanding my role in teaching and mentoring, sharing what I have learned with as many health care providers as possible.

         While I have been doing quite a bit of teaching throughout my career, I felt I needed to do more. I had taught medical students and residents when I worked at the medical school at the University of Minnesota from 1979-1990, and had also delivered many lectures to medical audiences on a wide variety of subjects almost every year. About 5 years ago, I began to focus more on consultations and mentoring activities in an attempt to do more direct teaching. To that end, I wrote several books for both consumers and health care practitioners:

         On Hope and Healing (sorry, out of print but still available from me, directly) and Healing is Possible were written to share what I had learned about chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, autism, and other chronic illnesses which reviewed how to diagnose and treat those conditions. It was one of the first books to provide an overview of we now call “functional medicine.”

         Later, recognizing that mold toxicity and Lyme disease had reached epidemic proportions, I wrote the best-selling books, Mold and Mycotoxins: Current Evaluation and Treatment 2016 (just updated, as an e-book, Mold and Mycotoxins 2022) and Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Environmental Illness.

         Most recently, I published the book Energetic Diagnosis, which discusses the role of intuition and energetic perceptions in diagnosis and treatment, and I am happy to announce that I am collaborating right now with 20 other authors to write the book Why Am I So Sensitive? (and what to do about it) which I hope will bring healing to millions of patients who are suffering with extreme sensitivities that are greatly impacting their lives.

         All of these efforts have been directed to serve my passion to help as many patients as possible.

So, if you are:

A patient, who has not found a clear  diagnosis or a path to improved health, Consultations (see “Consultations” tab above for more information) are available. Contact me at   


A Health Care Provider seeking answers and an approach for the complicated patients that you are not able to optimally help, I invite you to join our mentorship program (see “Mentorship with Jill & Neil” above) or contact me at

It is important for all those who are interested in a consultation appointment with me to know that medico-legally I cannot diagnose or treat anyone unless we have a face-to-face, in person office visit which will include a complete history and physical examination. I cannot prescribe any medications or supplements unless you are an established patient. The consultations offered here are intended for educational and informational purposes only. Many of the illnesses and symptoms with which my patients struggle are highly controversial; information provided in these consultations represent only my most current clinical experience and knowledge.

What I can do is to review your current medical experiences, symptoms, laboratory results and treatments and suggest areas that may not have been adequately explored or investigated completely, but know that a specific diagnosis or treatment cannot be provided. Always seek the advice of your physician before making any treatment decisions.

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