The mentorship program is now entering its fourth year. We currently have four groups of practitioners and we meet for about two hours every other month. The content of these meetings focuses on case presentations, and every practitioner is encouraged to present their difficult, challenging cases so that we can review them in detail. In addition, each group is encouraged to request discussions on any topic so that we can delve into them. These include not only medical issues, but also issues of practice management and ethics.

A fifth group is just about to start. I welcome all practitioners with prescriptive authority to join us, but please know that there is a waiting list and you may need to be patient. Treating complex medical problems requires comprehensive medical training, so preference is given to those who are MDs, DOs and NDs and have already acquired some of this knowledge and are applying it in their practices.

The cost of each session, every other month is $100. Sessions are held on a GoToMeeting format and are recorded.

If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please let me know by sending me an email to with your preferred email contact and personal phone number.

Thank you for your interest in the mentorship program.