Mentorship – NOW 2 programs…

Thank you for your interest in our mentorship programs.

NEW…we are excited about our new collaboration with Dr. Jill Crista, author of the bestselling book, Break the Mold. This mentorship group formed after a workshop given last April on Mold Toxicity with Drs. Crista and Nathan (see front page or Lecture, etc. for more information). After attending the “live” workshop attendees were invited to an ongoing Mentorship with Jill and Neil that meets every three months on a Saturday from 9 am – 12 pm PDT. Participants are invited to present patient cases to be reviewed and discussed from both the MD and ND perspective. All with prescriptive authority are invited to join the discussion. The cost is $100 per session. We hold the sessions via Zoom and send recordings afterwards to all participants. The next session will be on October 30th.

We also have an active listserv dedicated to this group. Members can discuss patients’ health concerns and gain valuable suggestions and insights from the experience that colleagues bring to this forum. We are so pleased with the camaraderie and support offered in this group.

To ensure that everyone “comes to the table” with the same knowledge base, we do ask that you purchase and review the videos of the April Mold Toxicity Workshop. For more information about the videos, please visit the front page of this website or email us at

And...We continue to have our ongoing Mentorship program now entering its fourth year. We currently have four groups of practitioners and we meet for about two hours every other month. The content of these meetings focuses on case presentations, and every practitioner is encouraged to present their difficult, challenging cases so that we can review them in detail. In addition, each group is encouraged to request discussions on any topic so that we can delve into them. These include not only medical issues, but also issues of practice management and ethics. The cost of each session, every other month is $100. Sessions are held at a Zoom meeting and are recorded.

Since there is a waiting list for these groups and we encourage you to join the Mentorship with Jill and Neil and get started now.