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Dear Friends:

We have just neared the completion of the editing process for my new book Energetic Diagnosis and I am excited to let you all know about it. It still needs to go to the Graphics department and I estimate it should be published by Christmas or early Winter. Here is a quick preview:”


In his new book Energetic Diagnosis, Dr Neil Nathan, renowned physician and bestselling author of TOXIC, delivers his groundbreaking thesis on diagnosing disease and chronic illness using the patient’s personal energy fields as the launchpad for treatment.  An individual’s energy is often overlooked when treating difficult to identify disease.

Dr. Nathan puts forth the premise that patient evaluation should be highly personal, beginning with a thorough analysis of events leading up to sickness, including lingering mental trauma. To do this, he urges medical professionals to use a process called Energetic Intuition—the ability to utilize pattern recognition presented by our own subconscious. In this book, Dr. Nathan details how he taps into his own intuition and learns to trust both himself and what the patient’s physical and mental state tell him.

Energetic Diagnosis also features a robust detailing of how human energy is measured and perceived in a clinical setting using specific medical devices, interference fields and various forms of autonomic response testing. Dr. Nathan has invited experts in these areas to share their perceptions of energy and how they use it in their practice. They will describe in detail the kinds of energy-
focused treatments they use in their ability to diagnose and treat and this will cover the subjects of A.R.T. (autonomic response testing), Kinesiology, FSM (frequency specific microcurrents), Reiki, and Dreaming as models of how energetic diagnosis is currently being used in medicinal practice.

Dr. Nathan concludes with important energetic considerations to open and build our awareness for a total, mind, body and soul experience. He reveals the importance and relevance of native healing and communication with the natural world as key elements in expanding our abilities to perceive these energies and reminding us of our responsibility to restore our environment back to health.