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Newsletter #15 Why Can’t I Get Better?

NEWSLETTER #15   WHY CAN’T I GET BETTER? SOLVING THE MYSTERY OF LYME & CHRONIC DISEASE     I have a confession to make. I have perused (translation: skimmed) Dr. Richard Horowitz’s book, Why Can’t I Get Better?  several times

Meat Allergy: A New Epidemic

ALLERGY TO MEAT:  A NEW EPIDEMIC?  Just when you thought it was safe to wander through the woods, along comes a new observation: the saliva of tick bites can cause allergy to meats. An excellent review article by Moises Velasquez-Manoff

Newsletter #13 Toxic…. Heal Your Body….

This is the current working title of my new book, scheduled for release on October 9th. I am really excited about this project—-I have enjoyed this creative endeavor more than any other book I’ve written and feel that the information

Treatment Fatigue

Please talk about treatment fatigue in general, in particular, what are your options if your body cannot tolerate antibiotics, maybe the liver function is limited? By “treatment fatigue” I assume you mean that a specific patient cannot tolerate ongoing standard

How Do You Know if You Really Have Lyme Disease?

Why do patient symptoms vary so much? Everyone seems to have different symptoms so how can we be sure we all have Lyme disease? There is virtually no illness in which a specific disease manifests the exact same way in

How Long Will Treatment Take?

When new patients make their first appointments, they usually have many questions about how long their treatment will take. Understandably, they get frustrated when we cannot answer those questions with any kind of specificity. Here’s the problem: Before we actually

Book Review: Stephen Buhner on Mycoplasma and Bartonella Treatment

Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections: Complementary and Holistic Treatments for Bartonella and Mycoplasma by Stephen Harrod Buhner. Rochester, Vermont: Healing Arts Press; 2013. Softcover, 512 pages. ISBN 978-1-62055-008-3. $19.95 Review by Neil Nathan MD It may help readers of this review

More Apologies…(for my profession)

  I gave a public lecture at the Mendocino Coast District Hospital on the controversies surrounding Lyme disease. You might wonder how the existence of a disease could be the subject for discussion, but it is! The entire medical profession

A Weekend with Steven Buhner

I had the opportunity to attend one of Stephen Buhner’s presentations . Having studied his books and used his supplements for over a decade, I was expecting a fact-laden, didactic power point presentation covering the material in his latest books.