Soul-Centered Healing: A Psychologist’s Extraordinary Journey into the
Realms of Sub-Personalities, Spirits, and Past Lives
By Thomas Zinser, Ed.D. published by Union Street Press

As my medical practice evolved, my colleagues began to refer more
and more patients to me that were complex and increasingly ill. Many were
unusually sensitive and/or toxic. Over time, I learned how to help most of
those patients by using a combination of medical detection skills and
intuition. Most of them turned out to have mold toxicity and/or Lyme
disease, or some other environmental exposure. Once we had identified the
root source of illness, I could help the majority of those patients to recover.
There always remained a few patients that tested positive for these
sources of illness, but did not respond the same way. Either they did not
improve with treatment, or got worse, despite all of my efforts to find a way
to enable them to take, and benefit, from my treatments. I have always
thought of those patients as being “stuck” in some form. My assumption has
been that there was some area of “blockage” or impediment to healing in
their emotional arena, or in the flow of energy through their body, or in their
spiritual world.
When patients were open to exploring these with me, (or another
healer), many of them were able to make excellent progress once the area of
dysfunction was correctly identified and treated. Some patients were not
open to this avenue, and others tried it but still were unable to make
In his psychotherapy practice, Thomas Zinser ran into the same
experience with his patients. Finding himself unable to progress with some
patients, he had the fortuitous experience of making contact with a spiritual
entity called Gerard, with whom he began communicating through another
medium. Gerard was able to help Thomas to understand that many of the
patients that he was unable to make progress with, did indeed have energetic
blocks. Over several years, he learned to be able to make contact with
different spiritual entities and how to remove those entities from the patient,
allowing them to move forward into healing.
Initially, Thomas began to work with rather benign entities, simply
energies that had found their way into the patient’s body, and were “lost.”
For those, he was able to communicate directly with those entities and
remind them that their true destiny was to find the “Light” and re-enter it.

This worked for many of his clients. But, over time, Thomas discovered that
there were darker energies sometimes at work here. Some were only mildly
malevolent, and that by communicating with them, using increasingly
sophisticated methods, he could convince them to leave the bodies of his
clients, again resulting in movement toward healing. Later still, he realized
that some of these energies were more demonic in nature, and he learned
how to work with those, as well. He has distilled his learning experience into
two other volumes that describe, for therapists, in more detail exactly how to
do this.
This book is a fascinating and courageous discussion of what Thomas
Zinser learned over many years. What he learns resonates with my own
experiences, but his were deeper and clearer than my own.
The longer I work with patients who are having difficulty healing,
despite doing everything I have offered, the more convinced I am that this
whole area of blockage in spiritual energy is a major impediment to healing
for most of them.
I would encourage all of you who are either patients or physicians to
read this truly excellent book to get a better understanding of these spiritual
forces, and perhaps a vehicle to work with it. It is my hope that more
therapists who have had these experiences will write about them so that we
can bring this discussion into the mainstream of medical practice.