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Our good friend and colleague, Annie Hopper, has announced some Β 
LIVING DNRSΒ 12-week group support classes.

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Don’t miss this free webinar!
This is a special webinar presentation featuring both our Founder and Laboratory Director, William Shaw, PhD, and well-known integrative medicine physician, Neil Nathan, MD. ~
Dr. Shaw will discuss the health effects of mycotoxins in the body and brain. He will also review the clinical significance of using our MycoTOX Profile to assess exposure and determine methods of treatment. ~
Dr. Nathan, who has a vast amount of experience treating patients with mold illness will present patient cases and discuss some of the treatment protocols he’s found to be most effective. ~
Visit our linktree to register for this webinar or to gain access to all of our past webinars in our webinar library. ~
We hope you can join us!
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