Book Review #6 Prophyria by Steven Rochlitz, PhD


Porphyria: The Ultimate Cause of Common,
Chronic & Environmental Illnesses
With Breakthroughs in Diet, Supplements
and Energy Balancing
by Steven Rochlitz, PhD
(obtain through

Since today’s discussion centers around porphyria, I want to credit Steven Rochlitz, PhD, for this fascinating and extensive discussion of this subject. I have read many books and scientific articles over the years, but I feel this book clarified this complicated subject better than any others. Each chapter is devoted to either an aspect of porphyria or of another condition it is related to. The treatment suggestions are the most comprehensive I have come across, and could be practically pursued by patients or health care providers. In addition to the ones I described in my article, above, there is material on vagus nerve imbalances (which appear to be quite common in the chronically ill patients were are treating) and the hiatial hernia syndrome. The possible connection to patent foramen ovale (which Dr. Paul Cheney has confirmed as an important and overlooked component to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), multiple chemical sensitivities, candidiasis, parasites, Chlamydia (and other infections), mast cell activation syndrome is explored in some detail. In fact, Dr. Rochlitz (in an earlier book on Porphyria) outlined a mechanism based around the P450 enzymes which describes how porphyria directly and inevitably causes mast cell activation. Thus the two disorders are much more closely linked (and common) than is generally appreciated.

While the casual reader or patient may be initially overwhelmed by the wealth of information here, if they can take a step backwards and try to put this information in perspective with the totality of their symptoms, I think they will find this information to be of great benefit.

I strongly encourage my readers to obtain this book and study it, as I believe it contains answers for many of you, especially those who have been ill for many years and not had a clear diagnosis.