Newsletter #22 Spiritual and Healing Energies

As some of you may know, I am currently hard at work on my next book, which will be a bit of a departure from my other writings. Tentatively titled “ Energetic Diagnosis”, this book will focus on how to use intuition and various devices that utilize energy for both diagnosis and treatment. It will be a personal book, with many vignettes from my own life, and I am fortunate to have a number of wonderful physicians and healers contribute their information and stories to this book as well.

One of the key messages that I am hoping to convey in this book isthat we need to be more open to talking about, and sharing, the way in whichwe take in information from our patients, and use that information to help usto make a diagnosis and clarify treatment options. Everyone has multiplegifts that enable this process, and I hope to discuss these gifts in detail.Given this background, I have been studying a wide variety ofmaterials to help formulate my thoughts and expand the scope of this book.There is a wealth of information out there on these subjects, but I am hopingto distill it into something practical and inspirational. Recently I have readtwo books that address different aspects of this type of process and want toshare them with you today.

The first is a book by Dr. Sue Morter, The Energy Codes: The 7-StepSystem to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life.Dr. Morter is a chiropractor with an extensive background in energymedicine who had a transformative experience that changed her perceptionwhich she describes in detail. Her shift, and subsequent experiences, led herto create a method by which one can learn to feel these energies with greaterclarity, and to use those energies in the service of healing. She believes thatwe were all born with a connectedness to the Divine and a sense of the unityand one-ness of all of life. As time passes, we lose this connection and thenatural flow of our energies gets stuck and blocked by the traumas andevents of our lives. Illness and disease are a natural progression of theseblocked energies and we become more and more isolated and disconnectedfrom the natural world and our meaning and purpose. From her years of study and teaching, she has put together an excellent program of how to find and open up these blocked areas to recover our sense of self, our purpose, and our health.

The 7-Step program refers to the 7 chakras of the body. Many of youare well aware that a wide array of healing systems include these 7 energycenters of the body (called chakras). This begin with the first, or root chakraat the base of the spine, and progress upward to the sacral chakra (notlocated at the sacrum, but above it), to the solar plexus, to the heart chakra,to the throat chakra, the “third eye” and then the crown chakra at the top ofthe head which connects us to the Divine.

Dr. Morter has written a very clear descriptions of these energycenters, and has put together a nice method of how to perceive these moredistinctly and then to learn to focus on them and visualize, and allow, energyto run through them with greater ease. She utilizes kinesiology to pinpointareas of blockage, and then shows how to visualize, and feel energy movingthrough these stuck areas, opening them up. She describes specific yogapostures to help both feel and move energy through each chakra.I have read dozens of books on similar subjects, but found Dr.Morter’s approach especially do-able and accessible. Taking her program,slowly, step-by-step, I found a great deal of value in her method and eachstep led to person insights and an improvement in perception of theseenergies.

I am particularly drawn to her use of the word “embodiment” as thegoal of these practices. Becoming more spiritually connected, she writes,“doesn’t happen just through cognitive understanding. They happen throughembodiment.” What she is referring to here is that as we grew up, weaccepted the societal push to become more and more focused on our mentalactivities….our thoughts, our ideas, our beliefs…..and less and less aware ofour feelings and perceptions. So the need here, is to get out of our heads andmore centered in our bodies and what our bodies are perceiving.She adds: “To make the transformation happen….you’ll need to live thesepractices, to do them continuously, as your new way of being in theworld….You want the mind’s default role to be following the energyflowing through the body, rather than protecting, defending, and otherwisereacting to the story in your head. Continuously doing the Code practiceswill curb the mind’s urge to push and drive life, which draws your attentionaway from your core and pulls you away from the intuitive realm.”As I read this book, which I encourage you all to do, I was struck withhow much this could apply to many of my very ill patients. What they shareis being stuck with a variety of blockages of energy flows, which limit theirability to heal. The practices taught by Dr. Morter are straightforward, and Isuspect that many of my patients could begin with the simplest ones andslowly work forward…..this could help them open up the flow of energies intheir bodies that could enhance the healing process.
The second book, of a very different nature, was given to me by oneof my patients, and has been transformative in my life. What Wants To BeKnown: Adventures and Teachings of an Esoteric Warrior, by PaulGoodberg is the fascinating story of how Paul was taught three major,different healing systems to gain specific skills and gifts that he uses in theservices of healing both humans and the planet we live on.Growing up in New York City, he was the recipient of an ancientEastern European healing tradition that utilized patterns of energy to helppeople to heal. Paul emphasizes that there was no cognitive processhere…..rather, direct transmission of healing energies that Paul calls “gifts”received from his grandmother, which he was later able to use for healings.Later, he received teachings from native healers in Peru and then Mexico,in which, again, no words were exchanged, but he received, over time, thedirect transmission of how to utilize certain energy patterns in the process ofhealing.

I was quite taken by his story, and contacted him to see if he waswilling to work with me, personally, to augment my own healing abilities.Happily, he has agreed to work with me, and I am working with him to learnhow to receive these healing gifts and to utilize them in the service ofhealing. Interestingly (to me), is Paul’s insistence that I focus on my bodyand its perceptions and “get out of my head” as central to being able to feeland process these energies. He also believes that we are a part of the naturalworld, and that we need to connect more deeply with the natural world torecover our sense of self and our relationship to the Earth. (A belief withwhich I whole-heartedly agree).

I would encourage you all to read his story. You can go to hisFaceBook page to see short, 4-5 minute videos that he has made that I thinkyou will find inspirational, and go to his website
which has additional videos that you may find of great value.

These basic concepts: That we need to improve our connection to thenatural world, and that we need to be more present in our physical bodies,are central to both of these books, and should be central to all of us as wepursue both healing and our own personal growth.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.