Newsletter #25 This is a wake up call!

This is a Wake-up Call!
by Neil Nathan, MD

As I write these words, we are faced with the COVID 19 pandemic that is affecting the entire globe. I was thinking, this morning, about how recent climactic events would have been perceived in our distant past, by different cultures. A tribal culture, with a shaman, or medicine man, would have turned to that individual to help them to understand what was happening. With the onslaught of forest fires, here in northern California, for the past several years, in Australia, and elsewhere, with the hurricanes that have inundated many cities, and most recently with this pandemic, it would be clear to the entire tribe that something was horribly, terribly, out of balance. Their elders would have fasted, and prayed, and gone into the natural world, in seclusion, to attempt to understand where the balance had shifted, and how they could help to make it right. Throughout much of human history, this is how we would have dealt with it.

Later, in recorded history, the civilization would have turned to its religious or druidic leaders to make sense out of these phenomenon. It is likely that it would have been obvious to them that the gods were unhappy and would have meditated and prayed to discover the cause of that unhappiness so that they could determine how the gods could be appeased and balance could be restored.

Alas, in our modern, scientific world, we get caught up in the statistical analyses of these events and write erudite papers about ozone layers and carbon footprints and our satellites give us reams of Doppler data so that we can attempt to predict what will happen next. Our media feeds on all the negativity they can get their hands on, frightening us with this information so that we will stay tuned to this media and their advertisers will be happy. The effect of this negativity is apparently, to them, inconsequential.

But I would propose that we should return to our roots, and take what is happening to us seriously. When a patient is ill, we dig deeply into their symptomatology to try to find the cause of that illness. Their illness is clearly a message, from their body, to them, to pay attention to these symptoms. The symptoms are not to be ignored. If they persist, the illness may get progressively worse and the patient may even die. So we, as physicians, do listen, and try to put the information we are getting into context so that we can make a clear diagnosis and institute the correct treatment. The body gives its owner these symptoms in an effort to heal them, not to make them suffer.

          I am suggesting that our planet is doing the same here. I believe that the Earth is a living organism and the source of our existence. It has been around for billions of years, and has slowly but intricately, crafted all life forms into a cohesive whole that symbiotically works together for the greater good. Seemingly we have forgotten that. Humans are simply one other species in this web of life. In our hubris we have decided that we are the premier life form, to be exalted above all others. Nature does not have the same opinion.

It is my belief that we have done a terrible job of taking care of the
Earth, of shepherding it and honoring what we have been given. In our arrogance we have clear-cut forests all over the globe, depriving us of the oxygen they provide for us. In a sense, we are excising our own lungs.

We have poisoned our environment with tens of thousands of chemicals without testing but a few of them for safety. Add to this, heavy metal toxicity. Add to that polluting our environment with massive amounts of electromagnetic frequencies, again, with no regard to testing these for safety, and we boast that we have now faster 5G networks.

A number of writers have noted that the COVID pandemic seems to be associated with the areas of the world that brought in 5G the soonest.
This was true for the areas of China that were hardest hit, the American cities that are hardest hit, and Switzerland which has been hit unusually hard.  It has been proposed that the growing epidemic of mold toxicity is partly triggered with the reaction of mold species to these massive amounts of electromagnetic stimulation. Molds primarily make toxins in response to what they perceive as a threat…..and it is not much of a leap to suggest that they are indeed threatened by the changes in the environment of our planet. They are simply trying to protect themselves from our mistakes.

Simply put, Mother Nature is pissed. Whether we cooperate or not, she will take care of planet Earth and do what is necessary to do so.

It is my profound hope that what is currently happening will be perceived with the perspective that it deserves: a wake-up call for us to come to our senses and to finally take responsibility for what we have been doing—-not to commission a ten-year study to look into it. If the Earth was my patient and was clearly ill and symptomatic and getting worse by the day, I would know, as a physician, that I probably did not have the luxury of thinking about it for a few years. I would know that I must immediately, in the best interest of my patient, starting with what I know are the things that are hurting my patient.

Rather than wallow in the “poor me” reaction to this epidemic, wringing our hands and bemoaning: “Why did this have to happen to me?”, let us take this for what it is….for what the natural world intends it to be….a serious wake-up call to own up to our responsibilities of what we have done to contribute to this catastrophe and do everything in our power to appease the gods, to demonstrate to Mother Earth, that we get it, and we will honor our commitment to the only place we have to live.